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Cold foils offer many differentiations to printers and to brands.

The Cold Foil finishing in web-fed printing is used for many different kinds of applications. Diverse markets use a Cold Foil enhancement for their products to gain an added value.


•    The transference of finest details, fonts, large areas and screens is possible in a single run 
•    Inline- & Offline overprinting is possible 
•    No hot stamping clichés are necessary 
•    For the process no heat and no high pressure are required 
•    Application on heat sensitive substrates possible 
•    The surface structure of the printing material is maintained on both sides 
•    Very short set-up and make ready times and fast roll and job changes 
•    Very high production speeds 
•    Also optionally available as a shrink sleeve version  for reverse effects 
•    Compared to metallized substrates no opaque white application is necessary, the white degree of the substrate can be optimally and efficiently used by avoiding the corresponding 


Markets&Typical Uses


•    Food & Bevarage 
•    Spirits & Wine 
•    Cosmetics 
•    Personal care 
•    Pharmaceuticals 
•    Toys 
•    Elektronik 
•    Non-Food 
•    Security 
•    Oil & Greases 
•    Lottery, Loyalty Programme and much more 

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