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The core cutter Vittoria is the ideal machine to obtain at any time plastic or cardboard cores of various diameters and lengths according to your needs and avoiding cores storage and thus savings in operating costs.

The high productivity and automation systems exclude the presence of the operator in the production process making possible to amortize the initial cost of the machine in a short term.

Available from semi-automatic to fully automatic version, tubes length to cut in sizes 1600mm and 2000mm.

The Errepi patented cutting system with double circular blade ensures a clean and accurate cut, minimizing powder residuals and permitting to use cheaper and “not perfect” tubes to cut.

The machine for its practicality is particularly suitable also for those who have to change frequently the jobs (in diameter or core length), with simple automatic settings from the Touch-Screen control panel.

Technical Features:

•Tube length: 1600 mm / 2000 mm
•Tube ID: Ø25mm - 76mm (Ø12mm - 152mm optional)
•Max. cutting length: 350 mm
•Cutting speed: 25m / min.

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