The inspection machine Giotto has been created to satisfy the needs of our more demanding customers.

The high accuracy of the mechanical processing and the top level managing software make the inspection machine suitable for the finishing and rewinding of any material and product obtaining high quality finished rolls.

Available in 350-470mm paper width model and now also in 530mm model with double steel frame, it can rewind with single or double shaft and it can work with 25mm to 152mm ID cores. The rewinding of the rolls is handled electronically through servo motors, guaranteeing high accuracy of the paper tension and of the lines movements and offering the possibility to adjust the tension as you like.

The finishing and inspection phases are made with high speed and they can be done also with transparent materials.

The touch screen control panel permits to settle easily the working parameters of the machine with an user-friendly interface.

Technical Features:

Web Width: 350mm – 470mm - 530mm
Speed: Max. 300 mt/min.
Max. diameter of the end rolls: Ø 350 mm (600 mm optional)
Max. mother web diameter: 800mm - 80mm - 1.200mm


SR 350

The NEW SR350 is a highly reliable, high-speed slitter inspection rewind machine.  The SR350 features the newest in servo motion technology and a unique option for auto-set knives. 


Designed for a wide range of SA labels on paper and plastic liners including the UPM PP30 and AD PET 23µm liners, booklet, tube laminate, Alufoil, Tyvek, cardboard, multilaminate.

Open concept, easy upgrade and quick set-up

Fully modular open concept allows to add the options such as 100% inspection camera, scanner bar code reader, ink-jet systems, register die-cutters, automatic slitting unit, waste vacuum ejector and turret rewinder. 

Quick set-up routines with the build in job-recall system ensure all systems are ready to run simultaneously, making it faster to change jobs.

Technical Features:

Web Width: 350mm 
Speed: Max. 300 mt/min.
Max. mother web diameter: 700mm

Max. rewind diameter: 500mm