The DC350Flex - a new, efficient and economical compact finisher with the best components of the DC350 Premium Finishing Line.

Build with semi-rotation in varnish, die-cutting, slitting and dual rewind as standard. Upgrade with value options like spot varnish, cold foil, lamination, SmartSlit or SmartCrush, SmartStrip, corona, web clean, back scoring, inline buffer and more.


The new DC350Flex is prepared for in-line operation with all major digital presses providing professional label printers with a complete and versatile solution for high volume digital printing.

Technical Features:

Web width: 50-350 mm
Speed: 72 mt/min. (semi rotary) – 130 mt/min. (full rotary)
Unwinder diameter: 700 mm
Rewinder diameter: 700 mm

GM DC350flex 1920x1080.png

DC 350

The NEW premium finishing line - the DC350. 
Get the best in fast and automated converting. Build with semi-rotation in varnish and die cutting as standard. Upgrade with value options like multilayer labels, Laser die cutter, Hot Foil and Screen Print unit.

Take your factory to the industry 4.0 level
This machine combines development work with proven product features. High speed, semi-rotating varnish, job automation and finally inline compatible with all major digital presses. The NEW DC350 sets a new benchmark in the label world.

Technical Features:

Web width: 350 mm
Speed: 80 mt/min. (semi rotary) – 90 mt/min. (full rotary)
Unwinder diameter: 1.000 mm
Rewinder diameter: 700 mm

DC350-SMART-TUR-310719-CL-6000x3375 (1).


This latest generation of the digital label finishing machine has been redesigned and features new electronics, a newly-designed control panel and an updated user interface. Based on the DC330 platform designed and improved over 8 generations – the DC330MINI NEW has a strong and extremely proven background.

All-in-one compact solution

Like the previous generation, it maintains the same best small footprint to minimize waste and maximize productivity. DC330MINI NEW provides UV flexo varnish, lamination, super-gloss, cold-foil, die cutting and slit and rewind on one single compact platform.

The drive train in the DC330 series of machines is completely servo driven offering low maintenance servo-driven tension control and good registration. Minimum waste die dials in within one rotation. No station movement or mechanical setup needed and lastly graphical touch screen which shows the machine configuration, spindle directions and web-up.

Technical Features:

Web width: 330 mm
Speed: 65 mt/min. (semi rotary) – 72 mt/min. (full rotary)
Unwinder diameter: 700 mm
Rewinder diameter: 500 mm

GM _ DC330 .png


The GM LC350 is an excellent choice for digital label press. The basic configuration has laser die, slitting and dual rewind, and the SmartFlexo varnish station is often added. Moreover, more complex setups are possible, such as spot varnish, lamination, cold foil, SmartSlit with an automatic knife positioning system and more. The laser module comes on a standard GM frame and is designed to fit into any GM converting line, eg DC350, with minor electrical and mechanical modifications.

Technical Features:

Web width: 50-350 mm

Speed: Up to 72 m/min (236 ft/min) depending on laser power and cut pattern 

Laser Power: 250 or 350W

Laser Type: Sealed, single head pulsed CO2

Laser Spot Size: 350μm

GM LC350 1920x1080.png