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Magnetic Cylinders:


Perfect adhesive force 
Due to an all-over supervision of al production steps Spilker guarantees the adherence of strict quality standards. The results are magnetic cylinders with the dimensional accuracy. Optional integrable techniques for vacuum and compressed air as well as fit bores for the positioning of flexible dies offer many possibilities, which are transcending daily standard applications.


Flexible Dies:


Spilker’s flexible dies offer maximum performance in die cutting with absolute continual results – no matter if paper or foil material. From the practice of our customers, the intensive cooperation with leading material suppliers and more than 50 years of experience Spilker was able to develop flexible dies which fulfill today the quality standards of tomorrow.


  • deliverable in 0,3 mm up to 1,0 mm thickness (on request optional up to 1,5 mm)

  • cutting angle from 50° up to 120°

  • surface refinement by nickel coating

  • micro-perforation

  • up to 3 different cutting heights in one workstep

  • absolute non-stick coating

  • sizes up to 800 x 1080 mm in one peace


Rotary Cutters:

Spilker rotary cutters – the highest standards of precision and durability 
With the highest engraving depth rotary cutters are laid out for particularly strong materials such as PVC film and cardboard. The die cutting tools are manufactured individually and with modern machines, so they can be delivered in different quality classifications. Execution Classic – Execution Ultra – Execution Ultra-Plus

Optionally we can deliver your rotary cutter in following coatings:

  • Non-stick coating (food safe)

  • Hard coating (e.g. TIN, TiALN)

  • Hard chrome coating



Effective disposal with compressed air and vacuum technology on a high level. Sonic is a rotary cutter system developed by Spilker which allows you to produce die cuts with almost any form and position – safely and comfortably. Depending on design and production requirements there are several technologies available. Thereby either compressed air (Sonic P) or a combination of vacuum and compressed air (Sonic VP) will be used to secure a continuous cutting process.

The Sonic F-system:

The Sonic F-system permits with its large-volume air accumulator a constant air outlet pressure even at filigree expulsion holes, so a smooth ejection of waste material is guaranteed. On the whole cylinder the vent holes can be positioned at any place.



The fine adjustment for durable perfect cutting results
The MicroGap is the height-adjustable counter pressure cylinder for first class cutting results. The compact counter pressure cylinder MicroGap allows a reliable height adjustment for the optimization of the cutting depth. With the aid of only one handwheel the required penetration depth can be easily and comfortably regulated. It is not necessary to correct the contact pressure.


A clearly readable scaling facilitates a continuous fine adjustment of up to 0.05mm. The standard adjustable range is due to ±0.03 mm whereupon individual adjustable ranges are available on request.


Printing Cylinders:

For excellent printing results
Printing cylinders for printing plates are mainly used in machines for flexographic, offset and letterpress printing. According to the machine’s requirements they are made of special aluminium or steel alloys.

Spilker produces printing cylinders for all types of machines
In close co-operation with manufactures of printing-machines Spilker often delivers the standard equipment for new machines. The production on highly-precise CNC-machines guarantees concentricity’s of ±0,005 mm. Gears (hardened and ground quality), shapes as well as spacers and register rings.

Hot Stamping Cylinders:

Since many years Spilker hot stamping cylinders point the way for high quality hot foil stamping.

One important requirement for a neat stamping of foils without burr is a high engraving depth. This requirement is only fulfilled by the application of brass cylinders. So it is possible to realise even the smallest gaps and filigree texts. Modern advanced technologies as well as the experience of more than five decades guarantee optimal stamping results. Filigree stamping motives with a maximum of register accuracy are developed in consideration of the particular stamping temperature.

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