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Offering a wide and varied range of geometry to equal current available standard geometry within the market place we also offer ALTernative cell structures for many different printing and coating applications.

Our range includes all standard platforms - 30, 45, 60 degree and 45 Tri-Helical pattern, we also have 60 degree Tri-Helical, Ani-Plus (first generation elongation), Ani-Plus II (second generation elongation), Ani-Flow, and Ani-Max structures available.

To compliment the above range we have our own unique ALTernative geometry in the NANO cell technology.  

Standart Cell Range:

Flexographic printing industry standard cell. 60 DEGREE - 30 DEGREE -45 DEGREE -TRI-HELICAL


Anilox Rollers/Sleeves:



Rainbow Cell Range

Alongside the standard range we have our Rainbow range of geometry

Developed for maximum flow for high viscosity gloss and UV applications in the Flexographic and Offset industries and Tactile applications.

Ani-Plus I/II
I. Developed for higher volume ink transfer in the water based and corrugated industries.
II. For high line count and volume in Water based, UV and SOLVENT applications. Specifically developed for use with HD and alternative plate technology.

For UV anti-spitting applications and some tactile applications.

A Tri-Helical format developed for direct Flexo and Offset applications of dense links.

The RAINBOW range is developed for extended runs and reduced cleaning cycles.

All our Anilox rollers and Sleeves are engineered to help offer improved press speeds, reduction in doctor blade wear and improved durability.


Nano Cell Technology:


The NANO Cell Technology is an elongated cell, the cell structure is significantly longer than any other type of cell geometry available in the market.

Key factors of the NANO Cell Technology are that we are still using a closed cell structure and therefore can control the volume very accurately and consistently with repeatable results and we can maintain maximum release due to the unique structure of the cell.

The product was developed to offer a number of additional key benefits:,

The NANO can be utilised in all areas of print - coating, varnish, spot whites, spot colours, Vignette specs, process printing, priming and Offset coating. This range means we are able to help printers in some cases reduce the inventory of anilox rolls and therefore in many cases offer the printer fewer specifications.

Maximum cell volume release -the NANO cell geometry allows the cell to release the maximum volume as we are able to keep the balance of the relationship between the cell depth and opening this then allows the option to go higher on the screen count and still maintain the required level of lay down of ink.

The structure of the cell will ensure maximum movement and evacuation.

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