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Does your daily work involve mounting and inspecting plates? Would you like to be able to do this work more quickly and save yourself money?

If your answer is ‘Yes’, then the PlateExakt plate mounting system by raantec is the solution for you.

The device provides excellent assistance in mounting flexo plates  – it facilitates the work enormously so it saves you time as well as money.

The device is “made in Germany” with all the quality associations this involves. Particularly distinctive features here are a long service life and outstanding precision.

Furthermore, PlateExakt is also extremely easy and practical to use: the camera system enables you to arrange the plate so that it fits exactly, by means of the vacuum you fix the plate onto the delivery table as soon as it has been positioned correctly. Therefore you have both hands free to stick one of the plate edges to the cylinder. Then you use the cameras again during the raising process to check the exact position on the cylinder. It couldn’t be easier! You use the cylinder brake to check the rotation of the cylinder.

The high-resolution lenses of the cameras and sharpness of the images rapidly detect  the smallest of faults by a magnification of 50:1.

  1. Optimum, high-resolution presentation of image on a solid, state-of-the-art TFT screen.

  2. The fast adjustment and the alignment aid make it possible to set up new printing widths and cylinder widths in an instant.

  3.  The LED-ring for optimum object illumination can illuminate even the most difficult backgrounds perfectly – and without any heat effect.

  4. The handwheel is used to adjust the cameras to the register marks – synchronised via the centre or the left and right camera individually.

  5. Fast-change arrangement of the adapters for cylinders of all manufacturers – with and without axis. Sleeves can also be prepared.

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