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The most thorough method for cleaning anilox cells

Ultrasonic technology has been developed to be an extremely adaptable process with a wide range of applications from ante-natal baby scans through to micro
inspection of mechanical and electrical systems, By using the most up to date technology available we are able to offer our ultrasonic anilox cleaning
systems that are designed and built to be robust enough to cope with print production environments whilst delivering the most gentle and effective cleaning
action possible, producing consistent and even cleaning of your anilox rollers in superfast time.

Ultrasonic cleaning action occurs through ‘transducers’ mounted beneath the cleaning bath. These transducers cause the molecular structure of the water
within the bath to be compressed (compression) and pulled apart to form a vacuum(rarefaction). This microscopic action works in conjunction with our
cleaning products to break down ink deposits and release them from the engraved cells.


  • durable stainless steel construction

  • 50KHz and 100KHz technology

  • frequency sweep

  • SureDrive™ roller rotation system

  • simple and easy to use

  • 12 months warranty


Available options

  • Single or dual frequency

  • De-gassing function

  • Multi-roller formats

  • Filtration system

  • Rinse tanks

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